When we learn python, we hope to get started quickly, and then use it as a tool to apply it to fields such as data analysis and machine learning. It is powerful enough to handle everything from the underlying system resources to applications (such as deep learning). It is concise, elegant and fully functional, and has a huge ecosystem of libraries and frameworks. Python programmers are in great demand, and it is obviously not enough if you are not proficient in Python!

A comprehensive guide to the Python language written by Python professional Naomi Ceder. Equipped with a large number of appropriate examples and study-by-doing exercises, it helps to master every important concept. The main content clearly covers Python 3. Comprehensive introduction to core libraries, packages and tools. Equipped with sophisticated exercises. Added 5 new chapters related to data science.

"Python Quick Start 3rd Edition"Chinese PDF, 500 pages, with bookmarks, text can be copied; English PDF, 473 pages, with table of contents, text can be copied; supporting source code and exercise answers; translation by Dai Xu.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/12mGyjtvZZfEc38-SwZ2Gtw
Extraction code: k59f

Python Quick Start is written based on Python 3.6. Divided into 4 parts, the first part explains the basic knowledge of Python, and a brief introduction to Python; the second part introduces the key points of Python programming, involving lists, tuples, sets, strings, dictionaries, flow control, functions, modules and roles Domains, file systems, exceptions, etc.; the third part explains the characteristics of Python, involving classes and object-oriented, regular expressions, data types, ie objects, packages, Python libraries, etc.; the fourth part focuses on data processing, involving data files Processing, network data, data storage and data exploration, and finally related cases are given.

The framework is clear, the content is arranged reasonably, the explanation is step-by-step, and combined with a large number of examples and exercises, you can quickly learn and master Python. It is not only suitable for Python beginners to learn, but also suitable as a concise Python reference for professional programmers.

The reasons why Python is popular are: 1. The language itself is beautiful and expressive. Suitable for rapid prototyping. And the learning curve is flat and quick to get started. 2. The Python standard library addresses this second point. The rich library implementation allows python programmers to quickly complete various programming tasks, focusing on the problem itself instead of the complicated implementation details. This book should be used as a dictionary, you don't need to turn over from the beginning, you can refer to related modules at any time. When you need to implement a certain function, you should first read this book to see if there are related libraries available.

"Python3 Standard Library"Chinese PDF, 1109 pages, with bookmarks, text can be copied;"The Python 3 Standard Library by Example"English PDF, 1454 pages, with bookmarks, text can be copied; supporting source code. Author: Doug Herman, translated by Su Dingguo.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bDRfc9mwagImZgbzT6kScQ
Extraction code: 8teq

I think the existence of"Python3 Standard Library"as a dictionary may have greater significance as an ordinary book. It introduces most of the modules in the standard library in detail, and what is commendable is that each module has corresponding examples. But the lengthy content and the particularity of the content itself make it more suitable as a dictionary. I think it is impossible for a python programmer to become familiar with the standard library just through such a book. As mentioned in the beginning, it is suitable for experienced developers, who can read it after having a certain accumulation. In terms of content, there is nothing more valuable than abundant examples. As for the specific meaning of some functions and methods, they have not been explained in detail, so you must read the documentation with you. In short, I like it better. It is definitely a good thing for the python community to have such a detailed introduction to the python standard library.

"Python3 Standard Library"is used to handle practical codes and solutions in various aspects such as text, data types, algorithms, mathematical calculations, file systems, network communications, Internet, XML, Email, encryption, concurrency, runtime and language services. In terms of content arrangement, each section will comprehensively introduce a module, and provide links to some valuable supplementary resources, an ideal Python standard library reference manual. The Python library is too large, and it really needs a book to sort it out. It is best to roughly classify it according to the function of the library, so that we can quickly check it through the catalog. And"Python3 Standard Library"is such a book. The full text is 1000+ pages, a total of 19 chapters, each chapter introduces related libraries according to a theme.

The overall feeling is that it will be better as a reference book of"Python Core Programming (Third Edition)", know what this book covers, and then you can refer to related usage methods in the future. I have a background in client-side development, but when the author introduces web development, cgi, wsgi, I really have a simple introduction. In addition, the Google APP engine part is something that has never been touched before, because the book has been understood, so far there is an additional thinking and cognition: you can read a book to observe the generality, and learn about it. At least know this thing first, and you will need it later. Go to understand and learn more.

"Python Core Programming Third Edition"Chinese PDF+English PDF+Code

"Python Core Programming Third Edition"Chinese 667 pages, with table of contents, text can be copied. High-definition English version 886 pages, with bookmarks, text can be copied. Supporting source code.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1slDG6pDh85OMlnOmFLIBbw

Extraction code: 4thm

The content is actually a general introduction to some of the modules in the python standard library and some third-party modules, and mainly the network direction. The explanation in the book is not deep, it can be said that it is just a brief introduction to these modules and some small examples (basically each module has one or several supporting examples). If you really want to do development, you must study and read the library documents separately. The best choice for advanced after learning python grammar knowledge. It is simple but covers some basic libraries used in development, which arouses interest in continuing learning.

The structural arrangement of"Python Basic Course 3rd Edition"is quite obvious. First, the basic knowledge and basic data types and language features of python are introduced, and then object-oriented programming. After that, I will introduce the Python standard library and programming of related topics (such as database, file IO, GUI, network programming), and finally summarize the comprehensive application of the previous knowledge with 10 projects. It should be said that this content layout is not much different from traditional programming introductory books, except that the last 10 practice projects are features. In addition, the book's explanation of the basic knowledge is relatively good. If it is relatively good, there are naturally flaws, and the flaws are not small, which will be discussed in detail later. But in any case, novices can basically do some simple things after reading the front, and they should have a basic concept of programming. If you can patiently finish the examples in the book and study the python standard library carefully, beginners should be able to write some simple gadgets quickly. If you can study the contents of Chapter 19 in the book in depth and complete 10 projects carefully, you can basically say half your feet have entered the door of software development.

"Python Basic Course 3rd Edition"Chinese PDF + English PDF + source code

"Python Basic Course Third Edition"Chinese PDF, 483 pages, with bookmark list, text can be copied;"Python Basic Course Third Edition"English PDF, 544 pages, with bookmark list, text can be copied; source code is included.

Download https://pan.baidu.com/s/175ID5lJPIIWZWT8fpUmyNA
Extraction code: 8v8f

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is about python grammar, there is no nonsense, all that should be said, and some details that should be paid attention to in python 3.0 are also incorporated. In addition, OOP is clearly explained in plain words. Very good. If you add a picture, The effect is better. The second part introduces the commonly used GUI, framework and other applications, just click and stop, which is a pavement for the third part, there are not many highlights; but from a large number of applications, you can also understand the power of python. The third part is the project part.

Many programming books simply show you the grammar for you, but this book, in addition to explaining the grammar and introducing the application library, also teaches you to start writing programs in python and teaches you to complete several projects. Eliminates the frequently asked questions like"what can you do after learning a language"; from the project, you can really appreciate the charm of python. The best way to learn a programming language is to actually use it-this book is a real practice of this sentence.

"Python Advanced Programming (2nd Edition)"Chinese version PDF + English version PDF + source code

Chinese version PDF, 421 pages, catalog with bookmarks; English version PDF, 536 pages, catalog with bookmarks; supporting source code.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1R_1E55Gc_lCJ8XiAIlZF9w

Extraction code: hp7b

The explanation is based on the Python3.5 version, and the advanced skills of Python programming are revealed in depth through the content of 13 chapters. Starting from the current status of the Python language and its community, it covers important topics such as Python syntax, naming rules, Python package writing, deployment code, extension program development, code management, document writing, test development, code optimization, concurrent programming, design patterns, etc. A comprehensive and systematic explanation was given.

I have debugged more than 90% of the examples in the book, and the version of Python 3.6 I used is basically adjusted, and I have made a certain transformation of the program, which has benefited a lot.

"Python Master's Road 3rd Edition"Chinese PDF, 217 pages, bookmarked table of contents, text can be copied."Python Master's Road 3rd Edition"English PDF, 271 pages, catalog with bookmarks, text can be copied."Python can learn this way"PDF, 532 pages, with bookmarks, text can be copied; supporting source code and courseware; written by Dong Fuguo.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1APtI97NQX2ltbbgTcwAb7Q

Extraction code: e638

"Python can be learned this way"is divided into 16 chapters, which provide a certain in-depth analysis of the internal working principle of Python. More than 99% of the case codes are implemented using Python 3.5.1, and the relevant aspects of Python code optimization, system programming and security programming are appropriately introduced. Knowledge to meet the needs of readers at different levels. In addition, the book introduces more content in the form of tips, tricks, and attention to expand knowledge. The entire content is far more than what is shown in the chapter list. You need to read carefully to truly understand the mystery. It is suitable as a development guide for Python programmers, as a Python textbook for computer majors in colleges and universities, software engineering majors, etc., and as a guide book for Python enthusiasts.

"Introduction to Python Programming Second Edition"HD Chinese and English PDF + source code + test questions and answers
"Introduction to Python Programming Second Edition"Chinese PDF, 346 pages, with bookmarks, text can be copied."Introduction to Python Programming Second Edition"English PDF, 466 pages, catalog with bookmarks, text can be copied. Comes with source code for all chapters. Equipped with test questions and answers.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1etOAhJI4lt_29KwLSyHpZw

Extraction code: yavs

Taking Python 3 as an example, the book introduces the systematic organization, writing, and debugging of medium-scale programs, helps readers understand the complexity of calculations, and also explains useful algorithms and problem simplification techniques, and discusses the use of various calculation tools. . Compared with the first edition of this book, the second edition completely rewrites the latter part, and all the sample codes in the book have been replaced from Python 2 to Python 3.

"Zero-based Introduction to Learning Python"PDF + Notes + After-Class Questions and Answers

Essential for getting started with Python3; little turtle teaches Python hands-on; includes e-book PDF and notes.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/15bwMywIdehFXsXyBXXC97w

Extraction code: 3abv

"Learning Python with Zero Foundation"is suitable for learning Python3, and it is also suitable for friends who don't know anything about programming, but are eager to change the world with programming! Advocate that understanding is first, application is king. Therefore, whenever possible, the little turtle (the author) will let everyone understand the concept through the vivid examples in"Python Zero-Basic Introductory Learning-Mizuki Shuhui".

Although it is an introductory book, it does not stop at"beginner level"teaching. The first half is an explanation of basic grammatical features, and the second half revolves around the application of Python3 in examples such as crawlers, Tkinter, and game development.

Programming knowledge is as deep as the sea. Little turtle can't just instill all knowledge into you, but what can be done is to cultivate your interest in programming, improve your coding level, and exercise your self-learning ability. The core concept of the implementation is: practical, fun, and participation.

Work needs to read this book. The book uses turtle drawings to attract students’ interest. The introduction is very good. Amway is also more interesting and easy to understand. However, some cases are not suitable for China and need to be changed. In short, A good book for learning programming

"Teach Children to Learn Programming Python Language Edition"Chinese and English PDF + code

The Chinese and English versions of"Teach Children to Learn Programming Python Language Edition"can be compared and studied. Supporting source code.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eq6ZzwCpcRhJp-I9iPwK6Q

Extraction code: 3p23

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic data types. This powerful language is now widely used in universities and large technology companies such as Google and IBM."Teaching Children to Learn Programming in Python Language Edition"is an introductory book for parents and teachers to teach children to use Python for basic programming and problem-solving. The book uses scientific and reasonable structure, easy-to-understand text, and lively and interesting illustrations to help children learn the way of thinking about computers. Visualization and game-based examples continue to attract readers' attention. The introduction of basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, and functions can help young programmers build the skills they need to make their own cool games and applications. The programming challenge at the end of each chapter can expand the reader's thinking and consolidate the knowledge and skills learned.

The content covered in the book is relatively concise, and there are no difficult and obscure concepts. The most important thing is that each summary is accompanied by a"try it out"link. The best way to learn programming is to use your hands and brains.

Many beginners don’t know what to do next after reading the book. The best way to quickly improve their programming skills is to do projects. This book cleverly arranges three practical projects, a game, a web and a data visualization project. If you follow the tutorial to complete the project, I believe your programming skills will definitely rise to a level. A chapter is arranged to talk about unit testing, and writing unit testing is a necessary skill for junior programmers to advance to advanced programmers.

"Python programming from entry to practice"Chinese PDF + English PDF + code learning

"Python programming from entry to practice"Chinese PDF 462 pages, with table of contents and bookmarks, text can be copied; English PDF 562 pages, with table of contents and bookmarks, text can be copied; detailed explanation and source code.

Download: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1nxTGfKc1kylRjjL1kByfZw

Extraction code: xpta

"Python programming from entry to practice"is a Python introductory book for Python readers of all levels. The book is divided into two parts: The first part introduces the basic concepts that must be understood when programming with Python, including the introduction of powerful Python libraries and tools such as matplotlib, NumPy and Pygal, as well as lists, dictionaries, if statements, classes, files and exceptions, code testing, etc. Content; The second part puts the theory into practice, explaining how to develop three projects, including simple Python 2D game development, how to use data to generate interactive infographics, and create and customize simple Web applications, and help readers solve common programming Questions and confusion. The structure of"Python Programming From Entry to Practice"is very beautiful. The basic book describes a"view"of Python. It is not a textbook-style explanation of the grammar in chapters. It only talks about some basic expressions in the first half (if there is already The basics of object-oriented programming are only grammatical issues). The following three operation cases are game development, simple data visualization and web applications, and there is no too complicated concept extension.

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